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Best 15 Free Photo Editing App for Android and iphone


Capture photo, Capture the moment and make the moment more beautiful by editing. In the digital age we are not only capture moment to save for later but also shearing our photo through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter and more. If you thinking to shear your photo through social media then you need to find a way to improve their visual impact and make more attractive. Overall make your ordinary photo into an amazing one. That is why you need an app for improving your picture.
In this article we’re collected best photo editing apps for your Android and iOS device. Using those apps you make your photo more attractive.
What is Photo Editing? 

Simply photo editing is the way through which you can make your photo more beautiful and attractive. Some time it creates funny creativity of picture of our beasties. 

Top 15 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and iphone:

Hare we are collected best 15 photo editing apps. Every app has their different features and chose the best one for your required meant.  

Photoshop Express

Developer – Adobe
Device – android, iphone and ipad
Price – Free
Photoshop express is one of the finest photos editing app which is developed by Adobe. It’s four star app on the basis of performance, interface and user experience. Photoshop Express will give your full satisfaction about your photo editing experience. 

A.     Basic feature:
1.      Crop, flip and adjust color.
2.      Remove red pet eye.
3.      Brightness, white balance many other option with easy control.
B.      Color effect
1.      Side control for clarity.
2.      Adjust contrast.
3.      Adjust highlights, shadows, sharpen and vibrancies.
4.      Add borders and frames.
C.      Special effect
1.      Photoshop express consists more than 20 eye catching effect.
2.      Straighten and flip are the one of the best special function.

Camera 360

Developer – pinGuo
Device – android and iphone
Price – Free
Camera 360 is most popular remarkable photo editing app. It’s mainly a camera app by which we can go to the anther world of photo editing. Camera 360 is no 1 app in photography category in 75 countries from all round the world. It’s consist lot of cool feature which fulfill your all requirements.

1.      Crop, rotate, colour balance, flame and tilt added.
2.      Quick fix, whiten and smooth screen.     
3.      Adjust Brighten and enlarge eyes, remove acne and facelift.
4.      Set contrast, sharpness, highlight, shadow, vibrancies, saturation and vignette.
5.      More than 10 creative cameras in the camera store where you can add and manage your favorite camera modes. 


Developer – Autodesk Ink
 Device – android, iphone and ipad
Price – Free
Pixlr is a powerful and best photo editing app for Android and iOS. It’s included more than two million combinations of effects. That’s why Pixlr known as Pixlr Express. Simply Pixl is a complete package of photo editing.

1.      Auto fix, crop, rotate, resize photos and more.
2.      Remove red eye blemish and whiten teeth.
3.      Varity choices of layout, background and spacing.
4.      Balance out colour in one easy click with auto fix.
5.      Different creativity of panicle drawing, an ink sketch and poster.


Device – android and iphone
Price – Free
PicsArat is a full featured mobile photo editor by which included more than 100 tools and customizable effects. More than 300 Million people all round have already downloaded this free photo editing app.

1.      100+ photo editing tools and customizable effects.
2.      Drawing and painting tools with layers.
3.      Text, sticker and image over layer editing.
4.      Advance artistic brushes.
5.      Photo filters, camera layers, brush filters, shape masks and more.

LINE Camera

 Developer – Naver japan
Device – android and iphone
                                 Price – Free
LINE camera is also a good and simple photo editing app. LINE camera gives you everything that you need to take and edit photo. The solid range of photo editing tools featured in this app allows you to unleash your inner creativity.

1.      Flash, time, mirror mode, filter, border, icons and stamps.
2.      Nice selection of colour and brush your picture from Picasso option.
3.      LINE camera offers you more than 10 languages.

Camera MX

Developer – Appic Labs Corp
Device – android  
                                   Price – Free
Camera MX is very special and popular photo editing app for Android which is developing by Appic Labs Corp. Camera MX is the great combination of tools with a beautiful simple user interface. In the latest version of Camera MX you can create dynamic photo with the ‘Live Feature’ by saving the last second before you actually take the photo.

1.      Easily record video and photos.
2.      Adjust picture size, resolution, cut and trim your photo.
3.      HDR, flip, automatic optimization, over layers and textures effect.
4.      Optimize brightness and photo rotation.
5.      Adjust contrast, saturation and colour temperature.


Developer – visual Company
Device – android, iphone and ipad
Price – Free
VISCO Cam is the complete package of photography and photo editing. It’s the high level performed photographic app. VISCO Cam came packed with top performance feature and contain large amount of photo editing tools and you can upload photo directly through social media. 

Some other photo editing Apps

·       Studio Desine

·       Cymera

·       Snapseed

·       Lifecake

·       Befurky Photo Editor

·       Photo Editor Pro

·       Instagrame

·       Photo Wonder

Final Word:

Those are the best 15 photo editing apps for your Android, iOS device. So friends download those apps and customize your photo and share your best editing photo through social media. Finally if you think this article is helpful for you then don’t forget to shear with your friends.

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